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Grief Support


“You cannot get over grief, get under it, or go around it—you can only go through it.”

There is no right or wrong way to approach grief. Each of us must establish our own means of dealing with it. There is, however, a pattern to resolving grief which can be enhanced by the presence of someone who is willing to listen and lend support. As someone who is grieving, it is important that you realize that you are not alone.

Grief, the normal reaction to loss, can impact all areas of our life for a very long time. The Mountain Hospice Bereavement Program offers opportunities to develop a better understanding of grief, learn healthy coping skills, and share feelings with others who are experiencing loss.

It is not necessary to be a family member of a Mountain Hospice patient to participate.

Memorial Services

Remembering lost loved ones is a key part of the grieving process, and Mountain Hospice’s caring staff annually provides the opportunity for families to do that in their home areas. Candlelight memorial services are scheduled around Mountain Hospice’s seven-county region. Those in attendance watch a slide show presentation highlighting loved ones lost in the previous year, then each family lights a candle in that person’s memory.

Afterward, families gather for a reception and share memories to celebrate their family member’s life. Staff members from Mountain Hospice, many of whom grow close to the families during the final months, participate as well. Memorial Services in Barbour and Randolph counties usually take place in November, while Tucker, Pendleton, and Grant/Mineral are scheduled in the spring. Watch the website for schedules.