Direct Patient Services for All Levels
of Hospice Comfort Care in WV

Assistance for Caregivers to Promote a Safe Environment

Mountain Hospice has an exceptional team to provide excellent care for all levels of hospice comfort care. Our dedicated and caring staff provide routine in-home care for our patients. We promote comprehensive well being and advocate for a safe, comfortable environment for our patients, whether in a hospital, residential, or home setting. Mountain Hospice understands the daily obstacles and burdens that caregivers face. Our skilled team is able to assist in many ways.

Respite Care: A Necessary Break for Caregivers of Hospice Patients

We have the resources to provide programs, education, and support for our patients and their caregivers. Mountain Hospice works with many healthcare facilities and can arrange respite care for our hospice patients. Respite care is provided as a necessary service to assist family caregivers. Respite care allows for our patients to be given treatment in a care facility for a short period of time. Our Mountain Hospice team can assist at respite care facilities, as well. Our expertise and knowledge can be relied upon to assist our patients wherever they are.

24-Hour RN Bedside Assistance for Pain Control and Comfort

There may be times when a patient’s condition changes rapidly and additional care is needed for pain control or symptom management. Our on-call Registered Nurse can quickly assess the situation and provide appropriate care. A change in status may require short-term continuous comfort care in the home. Mountain Hospice is able to provide 24-hour bedside assistance in the home when needed. It can be such a comfort just knowing that a compassionate and highly skilled person is by your bedside to provide comfort. Call Mountain Hospice at 1 (888) 763-7789 to learn more about our direct patient care services.