Physician Directed Hospice Services
and Specialized Care in North Central WV

We Respect and Honor Your Decisions

Mountain Hospice’s Physician Directed Hospice Service is led by our certified hospice and palliative care physician who is dedicated to providing specialized medical care and improving life quality by providing medical-based hospice services. Our compassionate physician will work with you to manage your pain and provide treatment measures to address the symptoms of your illness, as well as provide expert advice, education, and answers to your questions. Our doctor respects and honors your values, opinions, and decisions.

Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy/Emotional & Psychosocial Support

Hospice patients and their family members are important to us. We offer services for all stages of life-threatening or debilitating illnesses and conditions from diagnosis to end-of-life. Each member of our interdisciplinary team is highly skilled and proficient in his or her area of expertise. We offer specialized services to accommodate our patient’s physical, speech, and occupational therapy needs, as well as provide emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual support for our patients. As your needs change, we are prepared to provide the support you require to maintain your dignity and well being to the greatest extent possible. We have resources available to provide medications, as well as a wide variety of medical equipment, as needed. By choosing Mountain Hospice you are gaining access to a multitude of exceptional resources to help ensure your comfort.

Personalized Hospice Care to Meet Your Needs and Goals

Our physician and healthcare team are fully prepared to work with you to come up with a personalized hospice plan that meets not only your needs, but also your goals. You and your family are in complete control of your hospice plan. Our role is to assist you every step of the way. We encourage you and your family to collaborate with our team and be involved in creating your personalized care plan.

Your Role as a Hospice Caregiver and the Benefits of Emotional Support

It is very important that family, loved ones, and caregivers remain involved in providing some level of in-home hospice care. The patient has a relationship with you that benefits his or her emotional health, and your role is important. Our professionally-trained staff provides advice and teaches you the skills necessary to aid you as you provide continuing care and emotional support to the patient. Our goal is for you to be well informed regarding the care options and services we offer, and will take the time to explain these care options and services in more detail to you and your loved ones. We believe that by helping you understand your choice of care options, we are giving you the tools to choose what would best benefit you or your loved one. Collaborate with our team by calling our 24-hour line at 1 (888) 763-7789.