Physical, Speech, and Occupational
Therapists Provide Hospice Care

Maintain Communication, Mobility, & Independence

At Mountain Hospice, we strive to provide comfort and compassion. We also work to improve the quality of life for each one of our patients. Our team of exceptionally qualified physical, speech, and occupational therapists are here to assist our patients with maintaining their mobility, communication, and independence.

Our Physical Therapy Team Focuses on Helping Patients Maintain Mobility

Mountain Hospice’s physical therapy team is available to help our patients maintain mobility and function. Many medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries can affect ambulation. Weakness can increase pain and cause an increased health risk as a result of slip and fall accidents. Mountain Hospice physical therapists are diligent about providing our patients the services and tools necessary to be as strong and healthy as possible, including drafting individualized treatment plans, setting reasonable goals, and helping patients access devices, services, and equipment to maintain as much function as possible.

Speech Therapy Helps Hospice Patients Maintain Communication Skills

Mountain Hospice’s Speech-Language pathology team is exceptionally qualified to help our patients maintain their communication ability. Debilitating illnesses or injuries may complicate speech and language abilities. The ability to communicate and socialize is critical. Our Speech-Language pathology team is available to assist our patients with a variety of tools to aid with maintaining effective communication.

Occupational Therapy Helps Hospice Patients: Activities of Daily Living

Mountain Hospice’s Occupational Therapy team assesses patient functionality, and works to maintain our patients’ ability to perform daily activities. The ability to perform basic activities of daily living is important for maintaining independence and overall well being. These simple tasks include self-care, such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting. Advanced activities of daily living include tasks needed to operate a household such as meal preparation, housework, shopping, managing medications, and finances. It is important to us that our patients maintain a sense of freedom, independence, and overall well being.

Mountain Hospice’s Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy teams work to maintain life quality in our patients’ daily lives by providing the means to live life with dignity, comfort, and compassion. Call us at 1 (888) 763-7789 to learn how we can help.