Medical Equipment Suppliers for Mountain Hospice Patients

At Mountain Hospice, our experienced and knowledgeable staff members are able to accommodate our patients’ basic and advanced medical equipment supply needs. We work with local medical supply companies, as well as online providers so that necessary equipment and supplies are readily accessible for our patients. It is important to us that our patients have access to critical medical equipment in a timely manner.

Ambulation, Daily Living, Infusions, and Oxygen Management Equipment

We promote a safe and comfortable environment for our patients. Further, we work to assist our patients by providing access to the best medical equipment and devices available to enhance patient comfort. Our patients are provided appropriate supplies to help with ambulation and aid in performing various activities of daily living, as well. Mountain Hospice has a highly trained staff able to administer home infusions and provide oxygen management. Our team works hard to ensure that our hospice and palliative care patients have access to all of the services and supplies needed to achieve optimal comfort, functionality, and medical care.

Mountain Hospice Preferred Medical Supply Companies

Davis Home Plus
22 Buffalo Street, Elkins, WV
Phone: 304-637-3630
or 800-516-5612

1513 Harrison Avenue Elkins, WV
Phone: 304-635-0386

Pocahontas Home Medical
105 Duncan Road Marlinton, WV
Phone: 304-799-6765

Pulmonary Associates, Keyser
86 Pine Swamp Road Keyser, WV
Phone: 304-788-2335